Sunday, November 10, 2013

Last Time I Checked It Was July!

To begin properly...cuz this certainly won't end that way...Thank You to Hazel for returning to host the November edition of the Christmas Quilt-Along & Challenge!  It's good to see you've made it back from your run and have the mud washed off!  Uh-huh...she's out running, staying healthy...& skinny...elevating her endorphins...all the while tempting the rest of us to make homemade choco-latty things and leaving us with statements like,
"make yourselves comfy and and have a choccy. Go on - you know you want to!"

July??? least that's how long its been since I checked in on the Christmas Quilt Along...
Demerits for Me!  I hope this doesnt' mean that I'm in danger of being drummed out of this fun and slightly off kilter idea to make something Christmas-y without the use of red or green...yeah that's know who you are!!!  You and your pointy bits!
So amongst all the other stitchy fun I've had over this past week...I just now finished two more little snowman blocks who fit right into the required color restrictions!  (I know...who's off kilter now?)

But first...remember these guys? 
Well allow me to introduce you to their new friends!
And here are two of the little guys meeting for the first time!  Aren't they just so kyoot together???? one remind me how few days are left between now and Christmas...or even now and Thanksgiving...and for that matter...November 30th...
Well then you'd know our secrets...and we can't have that!!!!!
Just feelin' a little Squirrelly! 
~Naughty Notorious Nonsensical Nancie Anne
(By Royal Dictate of HRH Quilty & The Duchess of Cuddly)


  1. You've got some cute little snowmen there. We finished with out Thanksgiving up here so there's plenty of time to get more Christmas crafts done.

  2. You're mad NNNN, not just slightly off-kilter like me! Your snowmen are wonderful and as for the challenge, I know you're enjoying it really.

  3. Don't blame me if you can't walk past a choccy! ;-) Don't worry, you won't get drummed out the club for non-attendance, she-with-the-pointy-bits ain't that mean - and especially when you bring such brilliant snowmen to the party!

  4. Oh, oh,oh! Your snowman are adorable! I have the pattern, I have the wool, I have the fabric, but you must have taken my time because I can't find it...giggle! Perhapos you have inspired me because yours are just so cute!