Friday, November 1, 2013

Country Charmer, Birdies, Pups, Kitties and Kids!

Oh my what a week!  My counterpart at work is sick so I've covered for her this week...this cut my finishing time for Country Charmer short...but perhaps you'll see more of it as the weekend progresses.
But here she is...tweety birds and all!  All but the borders anyhow...

She's Queen Sized Now!

All She's Needing Are Her Borders to Give Her a Little Drop.

When Lynn waved this burnt orange gingham & green polka dot under my nose at
Quilt House in Gardnerville, NV I knew instantly I must have some too!

More Oldies and Newies converge into another recent block.
More of that green dottie from Nevada!

Itty Bitty Checks in Honor of Lynn.

Happy Doggone Halloween To You Too!
From Maecee...
  I can't believe she actually sat still with that hat on her head for me to snap this picture! I bought her little pumpkin dress for about 50 cents on clearance at Wally World last year just to torment my Veterinarian daughter who voices her disapproval of dressing pets...
unfortunately the photo with the rolling eyes "really Mom?!?!" expression is a bit blurry-er & not so good for sharing...oh're already questioning my sanity anyhow!
So now this brings me to the photo my dear Vet daughter directed me to last night...
The newest foster baby in her clinic.  This little girl is about 4 weeks old and looks just like my rescue kitty Skootch, except she has the brightest blue eyes!
Those long fingers and lab coat holding that kitty looks mighty familiar...
Skootchie Blue passed away a year & a half ago, but spent many years being adored by us.
He was a pretty special guy...coming to us as an adult after having his severely infected tail amputated!  They figured he tangled with a dog.  We loved how he'd stand and twitch the fluffy pom-pom stub of a tail he was left with...he never seemed to have any residual pain and didn't guard it from being touched and he never showed any dislike toward our dogs.  They were all buddies.
Bless All The Little Beasties...
~Nancie Anne


  1. Very nice Country Charmer, love the fussy cuts and that orange gingham.

  2. oh how I love the birds in your Country Charmer and that orange gingham & green polka dot is just perfect ! You are SO close to a finish :-D

  3. Nancy that is Bee-Ooo-tiful. How lovely to have some fabric that will remind you of our time together too. Wish I'd thought of that. Oh, wait, I did. It's just that it's in my Heartfire quilt - pattern and fabrics bring memories of Lynn and applique to remind me of .... wait, let me think... ummmmmm ... oh yeah, I remember now. To remind me of our fun applique lesson we shared.

  4. Oh my...your Country Charmer is awesome! Love your fabric choices with all that fussy cutting. You must be so pleased to have made it queen-sized...gorgeous!

  5. I like how you fussy cut the birds for the center of the blocks. Pretty quilt.