Sunday, November 24, 2013

Quilty Fun Sew Along~The Science of Week 3

This weeks assignment were the Courthouse Steps blocks...just two of 'em is all...and after some pretty intense, shh...TOP SECRET   (ah-hem) sewing these past few was nice to take a little break and do something that didn't take a ton of thought, or prep, or thinking, or planning, or thinking.
In fact, I relinquished control, kinda like sewing without a bra... 
After picking two center block prints that I thought were cutie patooties, I used the extremely scientific method of dumping the storage bin of neatly folded scraps and fat quarters out...stirring them up a couple of times...then turning my head away & squeezing my eyes shut, I rooted around and picked a chunk of fabric from the pile. 

I had block one center and block two center and chain pieced back and forth in that manner...each print was sewn on in the order it was holding it up to see how it would look alongside the previous prints in the block...just cut, sew, square up, lather, rinse, repeat...and ya' know what?  It was fun!

Thanks Lori Holt at Bee In My Bonnet for sharing your talent!
To Fat Quarter Shop for their sponsorship of this Sew Along.
And to Southern Belle, Rachel Griffith, over yonder at PS I Quilt for hosting this weeks block
 & providing the link for Y'all to the Companion Sheet pdf.
Don't forget to check out the Flickr Page !
I hope All Y'All Are Enjoying This Little Bit of Easy Breezy Quilting Fun Too!
~Nancie Anne

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