Friday, July 1, 2016

Bees, Babies & Miss Muffet!

I've been nose to the grindstone on projects in my little part of the world.  All the work on our daughters house appears to have paid off.  She accepted a full price offer last weekend.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all comes to an end with an uneventful signing.  Meanwhile, I've working on top secret birthday & baby projects. 

Our days are in the 100 degree range here right now, so binding the quilt that just came back is not on my list until cooler weather arrives, but it is cute!  It's one of the quilts I pattern tested for Sue Abrey at QUILT TIMES awhile back.  The pattern is called Red Sprinkles.  We dubbed my version Honey Bee Sprinkles.
Since we have a bee theme going on I requested this panto with bees on it!  I had no idea the motif would be as large as it is, but we're loving it!  My husband likes that there are stingers on the little bee butts! 
It is backed with flannel 'cuz I wanted as much snuggle power as I could get into it without going all Minkee on it.

 Please don't worry about Shooter & Maecee taking an immediate loving to it!  This is going to be a snuggle on the couch quilt, so they're going to be spending a lot more time, doing what Doxies do.  Burrowing under it, cuddling up and napping for extended amounts of time!  Our little dapple guy, Shooter had surgery a couple of days later to remove the Lipoma from his side behind his front leg and had some tooth extractions.  He is aging and along with that come things like lipomas and teeth that get loose.  In addition, he had broken a tooth and had an abscess due to that.

I mentioned somewhere in the last post or two that I had done some recent pattern testing.  It was Charming Pachyderms, a new Quilt Doodles pattern by that Cindy wanted to have ready by Quilt Market.  To see the original pattern, including her cute pudgy little elephant and enter to win the pattern or the fabric to make it with click HERE!  Here's my version.
I haven't decided on the back yet and, since I don't know whether we're having a Grandson or Granddaughter, I'm not in a hurry to finish this one.
I love her little elephant, but since I used fabric I have on hand, that has a bunny theme, I'm thinking the peek a boo applique will wind up being a bunny, rather than the elephant.  It's a quick, easy baby quilt that doesn't come off looking like a quickie!  It can be done in a multitude of fabric themes and I'm contemplating primary colors on a second version.

The top secret baby projects have been sent away to be quilted, as the baby shower date has been moved up into August.  Once those were in the mail, I rushed through getting Miss Butterfly Quilt's 2016 birthday present done.  I did some experimenting on this 3rd version of Tuffet making, and there are some things I would have liked to have redone a little, but time was of the essence and her birthday fell within one of my work weeks so time was at even more a premium!
 She's into Parisian prints and greyscale these days.
I couldn't resist the gorgeous knotted head on the was a must add!
 and I wanted to change from the bun feet I had used on the baby tuffets to something more "shapely".
I spray painted them with black hammered finish paint.
Sorry the picture she texted me is dark, but here's the tuffet, fitting into her little vignette quite nicely!

Now her roommate wants one!

Today is the beginning of my 10 day stretch off and I have to catch up on Buttermilk Basin's "Let It Snow" free BOM.  I did get the 2nd T done, but the S for Snow & Sled have been out a week and I have it traced onto fusible but haven't picked the wool yet. 
I also need to get started on a project for our little Stinkerbelle, who turns 2 in September! 

Grammas work is never done!

Happy Fourth!

~Nancie Anne


  1. WOW!! You have been a Very busy and productive Gal !!!

    Love all of your projects ! Especially that tuffet just GORGEOUS!

  2. Oh my gosh! I just love your Bee Panto and I'm bowled over at everything you're working on. Well Done! (When do you sleep?? :))

  3. HoneyBees looks bee-ootiful, but then I may be a teeny bit biased.