Monday, May 30, 2016

Gettin' My Betsy Ross On!

This little pile of Grunge was waiting for me this morning! 
 So, I made a couple of stacks...alternating colors of course...

Fresh blades cut like buttuh!

Pressing & Keeping segments stacked in order is key!

As is cutting off the correct dog ears!

And sometimes you get bonding time with your seam ripper by adding the wrong piece to the right segment...

but then, you get it right.

and everything begins to come together.

Pressing, Admiring...dang I'm good!
The real squaring up happened on my rotating mat...I'm not good at being a contortionist!
No two are exactly the same, but this time it's OKAY!'s okay...
The stripes came marching in Two By Two,
 Then all of a sudden
it was complete!
Dancing Stars Pillow Top
 Sorry, the colors are reading brighter in these last 2 photos than they should.
But what of the other stars that didn't get into this?
Once I add two borders, I'll have a second Pillow Top!
I decided to spin my stars rather than making them march shoulder to shoulder as they do in the pattern.  It's Okay to March To Your Own Drummer!
 Now it's time to go make that Memorial Day Tater Salad!  Hubby is Home from work at Last!
And Maecee is completely exhausted from all that dedicated assisting!
~Nancie Anne



  1. Love, love, love! Those stars look a little challenging to me!

  2. I need to add some more grunge fabrics to my stash. I used them in a wall hanging project and love the look. Makes the fabric look aged.

  3. Sweet stars and thanks for sharing how they were made!