Sunday, August 9, 2015

Snoozy Sunday

It's been a loooong Staycation week here, redoing a bathroom.  Not too many things went together as advertised the first time...and in the case of reinstalling our old cast iron clawfoot has taken several shots and we still have some adjustments to make.  We have beautiful light icy blue paint on the walls, a little touch of beadboard to showcase the old tub and a pretty new floor and a super cute new vanity.  I'm pooped!  So for a few minutes, I'm declaring break time, before the darling of the hardware store returns, so that I can share photos of last weekends Idaho PieceMakerS Quilt Show.

So Here Goes!  Gotta Make It Quick!!  Enjoy!!!

This years theme was Purple Mountain Majesties

I Love This Paper Pieced Kitty!

Hubby was a fan of this Dahlia!


Can you see the inset zippers?

Something about this quilt makes me want to do the Hula!

We LOVED this little art quilt.  The original photo of this old pump was on display with the quilt.
The little window has clear vinyl over it so it look like the number face is still protected with glass.


Interesting Study in Value.

I have a soft spot for this design...must make one of my own!

Cute little Dresdens & Hexies!

 A Quilt to Cuddle in!

Drop Dead Gorgeous!

Cathedral Window Variation

Calling All French General Fans!

A Unique Sampler

Home Sweet Home

Doesn't Matter How Many Times I See It, I love it!


La-La Lavender!


Itty Bitty Pieced Blocks!  Not A Stripe!  It's All Pieced and only about 12" long all together! 
And aren't the little jewels stitched to the back the cutest thing ever?
Warm & Wonderful!

A Little Americana!

Another mini quilt, hand quilted!

Older Youth Division

Younger Youth Division.
The quilt on the right was made by a boy who attended Quilt Camp locally.

Next Years Theme is Scrappy!

God Bless Our Most Beautiful Birds of Prey.
He's Ho-ome!  Happy Sunday Everybody!
~Nancie Anne

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  1. Thanks for the quilt show!! You saved me so much money (traveling there), and it's so nice to do a quilt show with my feet propped up on the coffee table!! :-) Hope you got some rest today!! Hugs, H