Sunday, August 2, 2015

Serendipity Quilts

This weekend is the Idaho PieceMakerS Quilt Show & I just had to share some photos from a special display.  There were about 10 quilts...I'm just sharing my four favorites today!  They are all inspired by Susan Carlson's Serendipity Quilts.  Glue, netting & quilting is all that's keeping everything in it's place in these Art Quilts.

"Purple Pansy Eater" is actually more vibrant in person.
Taken from a family photo, her eartag was replaced by a quite lovely dangly earring!
I fell in love with her!  She could follow me home anytime she wants!
 This peachy little Filly is called Sun Blossom.
Little girls sure like to dance with Butterflies...or is it the other way around?
This is La Mama...taken from a black and white photo of an Alpaca.
Do you suppose some of his veggies are fermenting? 
I can practically hear the rumblings of his modified ruminant stomach!
Did you know that while most ruminants (animals that chew a cud), have a 4 compartment stomach, the South American Camelid Family has just 3 compartments?  This makes them much more fuel efficient which is a good thing in the High Altiplano where the air is thin and the vegetation is sparse, and a not so good thing when they immigrate to the land where Food Equals Love!
That's your lesson from the obsessed, card carrying, self described, Llamama today kids!
My only other experience with purple Lama Fiber was when we experimented with Kool-Aid dying during our 4-H years with the kids, supplied by our big, sweet, roman nosed, white Llama with the leaky heart valve & the angular limb deformities. Ironically he was named Lucky, only because his Dams name was Lucy!  He was the greatest babysitter we ever had, for both 2 leggeds and our 4 legged weanling Crias.  It was also not uncommon to see goat kids bouncing around him and twisting and leaping off his back if he happened to be laying down.  Bless his sweet imperfect heart.  We weren't sure he'd live to be 6 months old and he lived to be 18 years old!  We all, including our Vets, learned so much from this old guy, when camelids were still a bit of a North American mystery. Mostly, we learned love, patience, purpose and tolerance from him and to look at every day he was still with us as a most precious gift.

"The Lookout" is related to La Mama!  Their makers are sisters!
Raccoons are so darn cute!  I love them...except for when they start helping themselves to our spendy cat food! 

I loved this display.  I've been fascinated by this technique since I fell in love with Judy Mathieson's Ewe, "Rosie With The Golden Fleece" (click inside the quotation marks to see Rosie!) that she had laying on her Meet n' Greet table when she was the featured artist at Quilting In The Garden in 2012!  There she was demonstrating her wonderful Mariners Compass piecing technique on her cute little featherweight and it was everything I could do to keep from gathering Rosie up in my arms and hugging her!
So, if anybody needs me, I'm likely down the street in Julia's classroom paying tribute to one much loved critter or another!
There's more quilt show to come, so keep an eye out!
Hummingly Yours! (Llama Speak)
~Nancie Anne

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