Sunday, April 6, 2014

Someone's Feeling A Litte TESTY...& The Names Not Crawley...

Although it could be Scowley…

These faces have scowled at me from a trunk containing a rather large collection of The Ghastlies prints for a couple of years...daring me to find the perfect pattern to cut them up and reassemble them into some sort of fashion without cutting them into unrecognizable bits. 
They can Scowl their Disapproval all day...The more they Scowl the more they make me Smile...much like the Addams Family who lives the next block over, and The Munsters who live across town.
I sometimes drag the Trunk...thump, thump, thump...up from the Dungeon...just to have a Nice Creepy Family Reunion.
Even my Wicked October Child once brought a Fiend...I mean, Friend, over and requested that they have an Audience with The Ghastlies...
Now it's YOUR turn...If You Dare...



Welcome To
Frownton Abbey…

Another Foray into the Never Dismal Pattern Testing World for 
HRH Sue of Quilt Times
the title of this soon to be Published Creation is Colour Boxes...
Little did she know where I would take it!!!
Bwah Ha Ha!


The Majority of this Album, as it were, was taken from a print of Individual Portraits called Ghastlie Family Reunion

with a few fill-ins from another piece which shared the same
Perfectly Putrid Shade of Pea Green.
The Hang up was Maintaining Order
Whilst Waiting for the Background to Fly In.
Would you Believe me if I told you I'd Sewn the entire thing together
 with Threads I collected from Cobwebs
while we waited for the Postman's arrival???
I learned a Great Deal about how one Effectively Taps Ones Toe during this Tenuous Wait, from Mathilde Ghastlie & her Sisters Three.
And Daria could be heard ordering husband, Sebastian, and their "Horrid" Twins to "Check the Post at least Thrice a Day!" until she could take it no longer and, trunks packed, stated she must be "Anywhere, but here!"

Sebastian nearly clawed through the Post that the Mail Receptacle sits upon, before it arrived.

Rumour has it, that Sebastian's current state

 is due to being caught Tom-Catting's quite a Predicament, as it seems the Poor Fellow is Terrified of Mice!

Each Dealt with the Wait in Their Own Way...


Gunnar Grislie Watched both Day & Night from his

Favorite Vantage Point, High in the Family Plot, for His Beloved Daughters "Miserable Stuff" to Arrive.
The Always Bitter, Widow Ghastlie was Heard Thump-Thumping through the Halls at Night, Repeatedly Moaning, "Bitterly Disappointed, Bitter Cold..." 
Gaspar, as usual, Retreated to the Library for Research & Declared
"The Goods are Obviously Somewhere in the Air Over Guatemala!"
And then he Promptly Ordered that The Car be Brought Around so that He Might Go In Search of the Missing Parcel.
Meanwhile, Sebastian's Brother, Garrick, Prepared to Send Out The Hounds...
Uncle, was as Usual, Stunned and Clueless As To Why His Lovely Wife was Continually Festering About One Thing or Another...
"But If He Were In Confinement For The Second Time In As Many Years He Might Be Festering Too!"
Elsewhere, the other Women of the Household Were Fractious as Usual and Some Began Researching Incantations & Stirring Their Cauldrons & Concocting Their Most Vile Potions to "Administer to the Dear Misguided Postman so that He Might Never Disappoint Us Again."
But then, Just at the Last Possible Moment!
There Came a Lovely Howling Storm
and in Through the Open Window It Blew!


and alas...they are now all joined together...for eternity...
or at least until it's moth-eaten & the rot begins to set in...
it's never really
The End...
Is It?
~Nancie Anne...



  1. Perfect! Your hoarded fabric and Sue's pattern make the perfect quilt. You done good.

  2. I love to see how people use Ghastlies. Lovely job!

  3. What a wonderful story, and with a happy ending too as they were all reunited to live grumpily ever after.