Saturday, April 19, 2014

Caution, Construction Zone Ahead

Welcome to the April installment of The Country Homecoming Quilt Along!
Instigated and Hosted by Kim of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure.
It's been a busy week so I'm a bit delayed, as are others, in posting my progress.  But, Ta-Da!  Here they are!
The Doxie pups are healed from their spay/neuter trip and barely missed a beat. 
Tess's staples were removed just over a week ago so now it's safe to bathe her without the risk of having her rust!
I'm working on another quilt that's slightly secret at the moment.
But here we are half way through construction of the houses for our quilts already!
Quilty Buddy and I headed for the Wallowas again, this time to Halfway, OR.  We did just a small amount of shop hopping to select shops that we love and rarely get to because of distance.  Halfway is a small mountain town amidst a cattle ranchers paradise.  
Besides an annual rodeo and an awesome quilt shop, 
the community's claim to fame is that of being the setting for the movie, Paint Your Wagon.
Besides, we're both April babies and we had 25% off birthday coupons burning holes in our pockets, not just for one item mind our entire purchase at Quilt's Plus! 
(Fuel expense is not a concern when you have a discount and gorgeous views waiting for you on the other end!) 
Besides that they always have the yummiest Rice Crispy Treats
 and the nicest little giveaways for hoppers! 
One time it was much appreciated, adorable, little Fairy Scissors, another time it was a bundle of hexies, this time it was our choice of mini jigsaw puzzles...
mine is Floating Over Sisters by Diane Phalen! 
How appropriate to go to a place with snowcapped Oregon views and return with a puzzle depicting another of my favorite views in the whole world!
We had fun, a much needed outing away from work and home and we spent a good portion of our paychecks and enjoyed every minute of it!
I am always awestruck by the beauty of the Wallowas, particularly when the peaks are still capped in snow.  These are the views that touch my soul...Oregon is full of them.  The view from the Joseph side is even more spectacular and rugged.
This wonderful old farmhouse has had a For Sale sign in front of it every time we've been up until this trip.  It's so good to see that it is once again occupied and hopefully being appreciated for it's history and for being just darn cute!  I'm not sure why we never pulled into the driveway and pressed our noses against the glass because it's been a topic of conversation every time we've passed it on our way to the quilt shop.  Million Dollar View isn't it?
It's unfortunate that I can't share the fragrance coming from the blossoms on our Choke Cherry Tree today.  The yard is filled with it's sweetness.  The bees are loving it!

It's Easter Weekend, a time to reflect, a time for renewal. A time for new beginnings...
There is a young man I love with all my heart who has a lovely ring in his pocket and plans to get on bended knee this weekend and ask his beautiful Princess to be part our family.  Just a formality, she's already part of us, as is the little arrival they are expecting in September.  Tomorrow we spend the afternoon picnicking & celebrating new beginnings at her Grandmothers home.  Next weekend, we find out whether we're planning a pink nursery or a blue one!

May you also find the spirit of love and renewal in your heart~

Nancie Anne


  1. Ms Cat and I would like to move into the amazing blue/green home on the bottom right. I love the checked houses.

    And speaking of nursery colors, how about citrus yellow/orange vs John Deere green? Congratulations to all!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful post! Where to begin?.…First of all, I love your houses. Yes, your neighborhood is really coming together wonderfully!! Then those amazing pictures of Wallowas - just so darn beautiful! And then a Giant Congratulations to you and your family on the addition of a Princess and Baby to add to your family. What wonderful blessings!!!!!

    1. Oh Tina! I wish I could reply to you! Thank you. Yes, the Wallowas are incredible! I'm looking forward to meeting this new little one and thinking about taking bets on how long he or she will be. Mommy & Daddy are both 6'2" & Dr has already said baby is long!

  3. Wonderful pictures. I have not been to Joseph, Oregon for eons it seems. I used to with my parents to the Wallowas to hunt when I was younger. I wanted to move to Joseph somehow I ended up in the flatlands in the midwest. Hmmmm

  4. So there's some lovely photos in this post, except there are some missing. Where are the piccies of your shop-hop-purchases? Enquiring friends (OK, nosey friends) need to know!

  5. Oh, you are making those houses that say many made last year or so. I love house blocks.