Thursday, December 12, 2013

Just dinkin' around a little with some bloggy Christmas Decorating and doing the happy dance because today was my Friday at work...going to try to do some stitchin' cuz that hasn't happened in my world at all in almost two weeks!
My kitchen however, has a fresh coat of paint and a new handles applied to a couple of cupboard doors.  Washer repairman comes tomorrow and then maybe we'll have my 4 year old assistant for an overnighter and some Christmas-y fun.  Special event and quilt giveaway at one of the LQS's Saturday afternoon that I plan to attend...can't win if I'm not there!  Christmas Party at the home of one of my husbands co-workers Sunday night...missed it last year due to illness and having to be at work early the next morning...don't want to miss it this year even though I do work Monday.  Nice people and I'm completely in-love with the home this couple designed and built...I'm always tempted to scratch under the chin of the full body Cougar mount they have in their family room to see if she purrs and I've been known to stand and grin up at the moose head way up near the ceiling.  I know...girls aren't supposed to like dead animals hanging on the wall...but it's really hard not to love a moose wearing a Santa Hat!
AND then there's the little matter of the wrap up of the Christmas Quilt Along and Challenge is THIS WEEKEND!  I need more time!!!!!

~Nancie Anne!


  1. Sounds like you're going to be busy getting into the Christmas spirit. I love the song you put on here for us, thank you.

    See you tomorrow at my place.

  2. I love Faith Hill and the music video...thanks and Merry Christmas!