Friday, February 19, 2016

Fabulous Friday Finishes, Part III, Morning Edition

Last week I was still sewing up a storm trying to get my Finish complete before sitting down to write.  Meanwhile, Sweet P Paulette had written up her piece and told you all to come visit me, well before my edition "went to print"!  So, I'm going to try to whip this bit out to share with you before the day is 2/3 gone!
This week, I've made little "Finishes", in that I've completed several of the weekly steps for my Quilty Fun Sew Along top in one week!
This is a project that's been hanging on my design wall For ages, reminding me that it needs to be Finished every time I walk past my sewing room door!  What a nag!  One of my Friday Finish goals has been to get a large cleared on space on my design wall, and bit by bit, it's happening!
Can you believe it's been over two years ago that the Bee In My Bonnet, Quilty Fun Sew Along with Lori Holt began?
If you're up for scrolling back, my First post about Quilty Fun was November 9, 2013 and I was Faithfully sewing each step right up to my last post about it on March 7, 2014.  In the midst of that I had some other great Fun and adventures as well.  This morning I went on a little walk down memory lane, going back and see where I was and what adventures I was up two years ago.  Two years that have absolutely Flown by!
I had a busy, no sew weekend with my Grandson here for an overnighter.  On Sunday morning, Grampa was off and going, and my cute boy and I went out for a brunch date with the silly Auntie who likes to tease him!  Then we went to visit the Lovie Auntie at her work, then we delivered a cuddly pink elephant to his "baby cousin".  After that he was delivered to his other Gramma and Silly Auntie and I came home, put our feet up and watched "The Intern" together.  LOVED IT!
Monday morning I was determined to get back on task with my Finishes, and I was prepared. On Friday after posting, I had looked through another ancient project that's going to have to wait until I find some missing bits and pieces, and in the interest of having productive time, decided I had better get to work on the project that was staring me in the face, hands on hips and tapping it's indignant toe!  So in I dove!  Quilty Fun became the next Focus on my Finish list!  I dug out all the little bins of prints that I had been using on it previously and set to work, adding a couple of newer prints to the mix.
Mondays Little Finish:
Tuesdays Little Finishes:
  and Snowballs!!!
 Wednesday's Little Finishes:
Quarter Square Triangles!!!!
 and Buzzy The Bee!!!!!
 Thursdays Bigger Finish:
Setting It All Together!!!!!!
  I had been using the leftovers of the white on white squiggly print that I used for the background in my Mad Hats quilt a couple of years ago, before I took my two year hiatus, had used it For some of the sashing when I pieced some of the blocks on the left side of the quilt into units.  Upon getting closer to the Finish, I realized I was going to run short of the white squiggles.  I dove back into the stash to find a suitable companion and came up For air with a super cute white on white zigzag.  To anchor that print in the top, I decided that using the zigzags as background For my buzzy bee would be really cute.  I pulled out a couple of pieces of the old horizontal sashing, replacing squiggles with the ziggies that were waiting on my machine yesterday morning when I awoke, which created three vertical sections.  Carefully matching and pinning all the correct intersections, the three sections became 2, and then 1!  
Just as I was going to start attaching the outer border, I realized that I had put the left side quarter square triangle unit in backwards, so, a little reverse sewing do-over had to happen first!
Borders went on and then, in the interest of pointies rather than blunties, I out-stubborned a couple of blocks and made some adjustments.  It's amazing how quickly a day can blow by when your Fussing over the details!
Last evening, I spent some time auditioning prints for the pieced border, which comes before another white border and then a wide outer border.  Still plenty to do, as well as some embroidery, but on this Friday I'm celebrating the Little Finishes!

So, with a busy weekend ahead, this could be it...but you never know...there's always the possibility for an Evening Edition!  We'll see!

Have a Happy Productive Friday!

~Nancie Anne


  1. Your week has been amazing! You accomplished so much and your quilt is stunning! Thanks for sharing...lots of inspiration here!

  2. WOW!! You get a STANDING OVATION from me!! Bravo! Bravo!! I love this top...and love the way you took a negative ie... running out of fabric... and turned it into a positive with a quilt that looks much more interesting and scrap-happy! Way to go!! One more week of F-renzied F-inishing up!

  3. I applaud you !!!!!! When you are on a mission watch out ;-)
    Job well done !!

    Absolutely love this quilt :-D

  4. You have been a busy little bee yourself!! I love Lori holt's work, and your quilt is so darn cute!! I need to finish some of the things I've started with her patterns too! Never enough time!! Have a great weekend! Hugs, H

  5. You've had some great little finishes this week. I specially love the mittens and the bee.