Monday, September 14, 2015

Answered Prayers

Dear Lord,
Please send a downpour to refresh the firefighters and hasten the stopping of the Butte Fire near Arnold, California and the Calaveras Big Trees National Park. We love this place. We were guests here 2 years ago and it will forever remain part of us. Our little Maecee had the best time running that long straight uninterrupted strip from the bedroom door to the big windows in the front room as fast as her little dachshund legs would carry her!
Lynn & Joe braved the smoke agnd put themselves in harms way to get 14 years of journals and thousands of hours of the work of her heart and hands out of the cabin yesterday. Visibility is nil. But in the midst of chaos and destruction...there was the sweet smell of rain. Just turn the faucet on full blast Lord! They need it!  Amen.

P.S.~Pretty Please, Lord?


  1. Pretty please, indeed. Prayers are going up!!!

  2. We are in Pioneer and almost had to evacuate. You have a very pretty home.

  3. Yes, please!! I do hope their cabin survives, and especially that all lives are safe! We've been very worried about another fire that just started on Saturday in the county just north of us, called the "Valley" fire. It's spreading incredibly rapidly and has burned so many houses in just two days!! Luckily today was overcast, with just a tiny bit of sprinkles. I prayed that the rain would be sent up north over the fire. Unfortunately, one lady has lost her life in the fire already. Some of the video's of people escaping were very scary: driving down the road with fire on both sides! Some only had about 15 minutes notice to get out!! Ok, on a more hopeful note, are you going to be at the Lynn's quilting retreat (if the cabin survives)? I've signed up and hope all will be well up there. Have a great week: hugs, H

  4. The faucet turned on last night Nancy! Not much, but we'll take anything we can get. Your prayers worked.

  5. Let's hope that tap stays on for a while and puts everyone, and everything out of danger. Great photos too that brought back some wonderful memories.