Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Still Thankful...Yes I Am!...Really!

Two steps forward one back...or vice versa! Scrubbed my fridge out and traded items that I'll be needing for the next 24 hours of harried cooking with the fridge in the garage. Trying to squeeze in a moment for a bit of sustenance, I noticed my little pumpkin wax warmer in the window needed emptying and a new cube of smell-em-purty...I took the little pumpkin stem top with hot waxy stuff off and promptly dropped it on my new kitchen floor...of course it was red...& I broke my little "lid". Thank God husband wasn't here...he would've freaked!!! The next half hour or so was spent in the floor with a metal spatula, magic sponge, kitchen scrubber & my trusty little vacuum cleaning it up and saying a prayer that the red wouldn't stain. Phew! Life is good...all is well...almost...
Next project, getting ready to pulse bananas in my mini processor and suddenly a loud hum comes from the direction of cooking yams in the microwave...then interior nuthin' but some hot yams...the little microwave I keep upstairs is now thawing my strawberries, thank you very much! Taking a moment for a deep breath before plowing in again...

 I've decided the appliance fairy owes me...again...we just replaced the washer a few months ago after they decided it wasn't worth fixing again and they gave us a generous credit for a new dryer is currently screaming like a turkey getting it's neck are on the way...just replaced our old dishwasher with the one from our daughters so she could use our "sorry your flooring hasn't arrived yet, gift card" to purchase her pretty new stainless range looks like a refuge from a sad, sad cooking accident and needs replaced and now the microwave...what's next?
I hope things go better with the turkey tomorrow...
~Nancie Anne, Appliance Killer

Update:  Well that didn't take long...the appliance fairy just called and says the repairs on the screaming dryer are too extensive and they are giving us a credit for a new dryer.  Thank Heavens we added an extended warranty when we bought the old appliances!  Still tempted to crawl in that sink though!


  1. hahahaha--LOVE the pic and your story! Have a happy Thanksgiving! XO

  2. Just not your day was it? I'm sorry. (Just wondering though if it's cos you've been Naughty Nancy lately? No, course not. I'm sure you decided to turn over a new leaf, didn't you?) I hope Thanksgiving Day itself was good though? I do love your picture.

  3. Awe that sounds like one of the days it would be better just to crawl back into bed for a while.

  4. Love the pic!! And so sorry for all the appliance "let downs"!! Hope the day went off well after all the mishaps!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg