Friday, July 4, 2014

Natures Fireworks!!!

Every year, except one year when it was late, this Golden Rain Tree gives us the gift of this golden fireworks display for the Fourth of July, in sprays of brilliant yellow flowers.

  The sprays burst outwardly from it's undulating branches, not to be outdone by some of the holidays most brilliant pyrotechnics! 

 The best part is, that we get to enjoy these fireworks all day long, every day, for a couple of weeks, then suddenly the flowers become little bright green lanterns, then brown seed pods that open and drop their hard shiny black pea sized seeds.
As a result we're cultivating more of these wonderful trees to replace the old poplars across the front of our property, whose lifespan is coming to an end.
The best part is, this is the view from where I post to you and from where I sew!
 We Wish You All, A Safe & Happy 4th!

~Nancie Anne & Family

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  1. They look beautiful. I hope you had a good day, or were you working?