Friday, March 14, 2014

Country Homecoming Quilt Along Month Two

It's time to share the next two blocks for my Country Homecoming Quilt!
I worked on a very uncharacteristically primitive buttonhole stitch while watching 4 episodes of The Quilt Show at the computer this afternoon with Maecee cuddled up behind me in my office chair.
Did you know that since this is International Quilting Weekend you can log on to The Quilt Show and watch any of 160 older episodes of the show for free?  This goes through Sunday and I made a short list of a few more that I want to see before the weekend is over.  I struggle a bit with the idea of paying to watch a show online...but then again, we pay for subscriptions to Quilt Magazines, right?
So here are the next two blocks, I was inspired by a door that one of the other participants made last month who was brave enough to cut it on the bias.  I love the crosshatched look!  I decided that this month I needed to try adding shutters to my windows!  Aren't they cute with shutters?  Again, the big picture window in the living room is my own design choice.  HOME, to me, always has a big front window...otherwise, how are you going to share your Christmas Tree with the rest of the neighborhood?  The grey and green house may get another couple of windows, we'll see.
I purchased the awesome red homespun with the little gold and black stripes running through it last month when I had that "Tree, Tree, Tree, SQUIRREL!" moment. 
It is the prettiest red!  Love, Love, Love It!
Oh yeah...check out the chimneys on the grey/green house...Its this cool woven stuff with little saltbox houses and stars in it that I found in the tub of an old wringer washer at one of the local LQS's.  I dug every little scrap of it out that I could get my hands on and stuffed it in my little grab bag.  In true salvage fashion the door and shutters on that house came from a little 6 x 6 square that was in the same tub!  SCORE!
Rather than tracing every little window and shutter individually, I'm doing the math and cutting a strip of fusible web large enough for several same size pieces at once, fusing it to my fabric then cutting them out with my trusty ruler and rotary cutter.  So much more efficient!  Especially when you've been doing other things and now find yourself in a time crunch!
To see what the other participating architects have been building, take a trip over to
My 5'9" tall Leprechaun...daughter...has a birthday Monday!
Shipped her package to her today...oh how I miss her naughty little Leprechaun ways!
Since she has relocated we are getting together Sunday night with the rest of the kids who are in town and we are going to Skype her and then sit and eat her birthday cake in front of the camera!  Teach her to move so far away!!!!!
Orneriness seems to be contagious in this family!  I'm not sure where they all get it!
Watch for Rainbows!  Pot o' Gold or not, they're a treasure in themselves!


  1. Cute little houses. So what "other things" are you up to that have put you in a time crunch I wonder?

  2. P.S. I neglected to mention how much I LOVE the fabric you used for the chimneys - perfect!!!

    1. Thanks Tina! Can't reply by email so I hope you see this little note here!
      I strolled out of that shop so smug with my little scrap basket finds! I KNEW that house print had to live in this quilt somewhere!

  3. Love your houses. Keep working at them...even if you start to grow weary making them. It will all pay off when you get your border going.

  4. Cute houses. Love the skype and eating their birthday cake in front of them. Unfortunately I am the one who moved far away.

  5. Love your houses, I started it a couple years ago and never got it finished, its on my top 4 list now. I will enjoy watching your progress. They are wonderful when they all get together.

  6. Your houses are wonderful! Great job!