Thursday, February 28, 2013

Country Charmer & Sooooo Much More!

It's been a busy little month Yessiree Bob!
I've physically worked on no less than 4 quilts this month and many more have been chomping up brain cells!  Little Pac Man quilts in my imagination, running rampant!
Although I'm not churning out lots of completed little Country Charmer blocks to show you, I am following the agenda originally set forth by Lesley in her blog, The Cuddle Quilter.
I'm being a really good girl and following Lynns directions, (which is really saying something!)  You know...Lynn Wilder,  our very own Pied Piper, Quilty Guru, Amazing Designer-type person, over yonder at Sew'n Wild Oaks who designed and wrote the pattern for Country Charmer...(and more coming all the time!)
 I have all my star point sections set together and have a bit of a start on the corner blocks.

 I sat down and spent numerous hours chain piecing, pressing & trimming on Section A Part 1 as prescribed...and then I did treat myself to assembling two more blocks so that I could see something all cute and set together. Sew...the top blocks with the orange chains are from last yes, you've seen 'em before...buuuut...the lower 2 with the green chains are the most recent additions.
They make me smile.

The Wild & Crazy Jungle Baby Quilt was delivered by FedEx and was waiting on my front step when I arrived home yesterday...perfect timing!  Today I will get rolling on binding it!  It really does have life now that it's quilted with little lions, giraffes & elephants all over it and the Minkee background is like the softest massage ever.  Now I want a Minkee backed quilt on MY Beddy-Bye!
I am ready for some quilt and cuddle therapy this weekend.  It's been quite a week at work!  We had a retirement celebration & potluck this week, a new baby announcement, followed by another tearful retirement announcement from our long suffering boss at report yesterday morning. 
 Simply put, Corporate Medicine are two words that should never, ever, be in the same sentence together.  There's no heart in it.
I must keep reminding myself, "Change is good, Change is good, Change is good"
So...we have another baby quilt to get started on...and I'm going to be looking for the perfect Lamb/Sheep quilt pattern for our boss...she, like me, was a 4-H/FFA Mom for many years and her girls showed sheep, while my brood were showing Llamas, Rabbits and Dairy Goats.
So if any of ya'll have a suggestion for an appropriate Sheep design to take into consideration, please do let me know...
we've got to make a decision quick...
as soon as my partner in quilty crime gets back in town & we can put our evil little minds together!
Speaking of Kids, Llamas, Goats, Dogs, Cats & Chickens, I'm also working on a special memory quilt for my daughter thats been in progress for two years.  I'll share it before long. 
 It was originally meant to be a Vet School graduation gift, but life & taking care of another kiddo in need at that time took the place of quilting.  I don't have enough time to have it complete for her St. Pattys Day birthday, and it's not exactly an appropriate Wedding gift...sinces it's all about her...
Dr. Sweet & Wonderful wasn't in the picture when I started it. 
It will probably just be a quiet, personal, we love you and are so proud of you gift when we do go to California in June for the wedding of our two favorite Veterinarians.
Then there's the Homecoming quilt for Hubby, which hasn't had any attention since Valentines Day...the quilt that is...Hubby has had a little itty bitty bit of attention...just a little.
I got a call from one of the sweet little ladies in charge of the challenge blocks for my local quilt show yesterday, inquiring about my progress on the blocks I "won" last year.  I was truthful.  Haven't sewn a stitch on them yet...but I do have a plan...if I can remember exactly what that plan was...last August was a loooooong time ago.
I also went through my pictures from Quilting In The Garden 2012 at Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore where Lynn lives and works at In Between Stitches and made them a manageable size for email.  I then, promptly emailed a hundred or so pictures to myself at work and in quiet stolen moments have been adding them, progressively, to my screen saver file.  Everyone at work always knows theres going to be something interesting floating across my screen when I have a little downtime.
Speaking of Quilting In The's not easy to find this early...but if you can find your way onto Alex Andersons website and click on her calendar page, the dates for 2013 are there.
We scheduled some vacation time...just in case we can scoot back to California that soon after the big wedding. 
Okay...I won't make you go hunting,  I'll just tell ya' here. 
The dates are the weekend of Sept. 28th & 29th.
If you can't make it this year, put it on your bucket list of places to visit some year.  It is such a wonderful setting and the quilts couldn't be more amazing.  The Bay Area is blessed with so many talented quilters. 
And Maecee highly recommends it too!  She met some new friends in the Garden last year!

 Refreshingly Yours!
Nancie Anne


  1. Your blocks are wonderful Nancy! The little birds in the centers are just too cute for words. If you are coming to Quilting in the Garden, you are coming to my house too aren't you?

  2. Your blocks are downright stunning! I am so glad you are participating so that we can be inspired when we see your progress. Your fabric choices are just perfect, and, like Lynn, i agree that your centers are just the best! Thanks for linking up. (PS. I can't believe all the things going on in your quilty life, home and work!).

    1. I'm sending you a big hug Lesley! I've read several of your encouraging comments this morning! You are the bestest cheerleader!

  3. Wonderful blocks. I love the little birds in the middle.

    Grit from Germany

    1. Awww! Thank you Grit! I love those little birds so much I bought them in 2 different backgrounds in 2 different states!

  4. I just love the fussy cut bird centers! Just wonderful blocks!

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    2. Okay...try again...Thank You Thank You Thank You! It's so much fun to see where we all are in our journey down Country Charmer Lane!

  5. Crikey, you did all of that, and you work too? That's amazing. Is your middle name "Superwoman" by any chance?

    1. I actually have two middle names! One starts with a "C" for "Crazy"!!! And I job share, so I do have a pretty healthy amount of time at home too! And, my husband is not always opposed to bringing home pizza or Chinese!

  6. I am in love with your blocks and the fabric you chose. What is the name of this fabric ? I would love to make a smaller quilt using this fabric with the birds