Thursday, June 24, 2010

Challenge Block Torture~aka Some of Us Love Pain I am, starting yet another new project before old ones are finished...but this one will hopefully expand my horizons, education and add to my inspiration...although there are those who would look at my piles of projects and wonder if my office and my sewing room wouldn't do with a lot more organization and little less inspiration.

I have a challenge block quilt to finish at least the top of, within the next month prior to my little communities quilt show, that, thanks to my ballot box stuffing friends, I was one of the winners of, at last years quilt show. The challenge is to take a square of the most heinous, dislikable, obnoxious, piece of crap fabric that the reps had trouble stuffing down the throats of the quilt shop owners each year and dare local quilters and fools alike to make something creative with it. Forget about just semi decent looking. My "prize" included the return of my own, dare I say, adorable & inspired, little appliqued block along with 11 new companions for it. AND, oh how exciting, another big hunk of the nightmare fabric to help finish it all, along with a warm smile, congrats and a photo of the wincing winner.
As with all challenges such as this, I have found that 12 1/2 inches square does not always mean the same thing to everybody & many somehow weaseled out of using the minimum percentage of the challenge fabric in their blocks as well...not that I didn't have difficultly with that myself. I have also discovered that not everyone sweats over perfect points as much as I do, and some people just don't consider the fact that the itty bitty little applique they fused to their block is not fused permanently and is going to be next to impossible to secure down. Hope they don't notice that a little remodeling has taken place in some of their blocks, when they return to this years quilt show to view the "finished products" that we "lucky" winners have sweated over for the past year.
Sweating over my little pile of blocks was about all I did with them for months. I took them to work with me a couple of times hoping that the ballot box stuffers would help me come up with something to do with the conglomeration that made at least a little sense. They did not offer even a shred of advice or fact...I'm almost certain that I saw a twinkle of "let's see what you do with this mess, Chickipoo!" in their devious little eyes. Ha! Some friends you just wait!
Anyway...gotta get this quilt top done...otherwise I'll never have time to work on the block ideas I have for this years quilt block challenge.

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